The MasterCard and Partnership Enables Instant Wallet Top-Ups for Careem

The MasterCard and Partnership Enables Instant Wallet Top-Ups for Careem

By Press Release, 24 August 2023

It is now quicker and more comfortable to use the Careem app to transfer money and access daily services thanks to the integration of Mastercard Send by Careem Pay—made possible through partnerships with Mastercard and Customers in the UAE may now access near real-time payments into their Careem Pay wallets.

Mastercard Send enables people and businesses to send and receive money throughout the world in almost real-time, offering speed, convenience, and security, in contrast to a normal bank transfer, which takes several hours or even days to complete.

Mastercard Send, the financial technology division of the Middle East's "Everything App", Careem, is being introduced to the UAE together with Careem Pay, which is already available in 108 countries worldwide. In the UAE, Mastercard Send is setting the way for new P2P and international money transfer experiences, as well as quick refunds for marketplaces, payments for the retail and delivery sectors, and other innovative payment flows.

Amnah Ajmal, Executive Vice President, Market Development, EEMEA, Mastercard, commented: "We are delighted to join forces with and Careem to strengthen the presence of Mastercard Send in the region. In line with our commitment to driving digital transformation across the markets we serve, Mastercard is proactively working with our partners to enhance the choice of innovative payment options available to consumers. We will continue to expand our partner network as we scale Mastercard Send across different segments and use cases."

"As one of the first Mastercard Send partners in the UAE, we will be able to offer advanced payment services to our customers and provide a seamless user experience during wallet top-ups. We are dedicated to collaborating with Mastercard to explore new use cases and raise awareness about the many benefits of Mastercard Send among merchants for both funding and disbursements," said Remo Giovanni Abbondandolo, General Manager for MENA at

Ahmed Salahy, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Careem Pay, added, "The Mastercard Send solution will help Careem Pay fulfill part of our purpose and promise to customers to simplify their payment experiences and access to fintech products. Careem Pay, the digital wallet and fintech arm of Careem, enables customers to top up their wallet, transfer and receive money at the click of a button and pay for products and services both on and beyond the Careem’s Everything App. Mastercard Send now gives our customers in the UAE access to near real-time payments with convenience and security to support the financial inclusion of Careem’s digital wallet growth in the market." is a global payments solution provider (PSP) and the first PSP to obtain an acquiring license from the UAE Central Bank. It supports businesses and their communities in thriving in the digital economy. Millions of Mastercard cards in the UAE are now covered by's wallet top-up service, thanks to Mastercard Send and its payment network. With 19 locations across the globe, including Dubai and Riyadh, is committed to assisting businesses in improving their payment processes' efficiency.

In a single integrated smartphone app, Careem offers a variety of daily services that consumers require to get about, place orders, and transfer money. With more than 50 million registered users, Careem has been providing secure payments for over ten years.


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