P1 Ventures Secures $35 Million in Funding, Eyes $50 Million Mark with IFC's Backing

P1 Ventures Secures $35 Million in Funding, Eyes $50 Million Mark with IFC's Backing

By Staff Writer, 22 March 2024

P1 Ventures, a prominent investment fund operating across the United States and Africa, has successfully concluded the second close of its second fund, securing a substantial $35 million.

The firm is marching towards its ultimate target of $50 million for the final close.

Notably, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has joined as the fund's first public institutional investor, marking a significant milestone.

This achievement follows P1 Ventures' initial close of $25 million back in September of the previous year.

With this latest funding round, P1 Ventures is embarking on an expansion journey, establishing new bases in Nairobi and Dakar while ramping up investments in sectors such as AI-driven Software as a Service (SaaS).

A recent addition to the team—a skilled data scientist—is set to revolutionize investment strategies by integrating artificial intelligence into both deal-sourcing and operational workflows.

This marks a pioneering effort in leveraging AI technology to navigate the intricacies of the African business landscape.

The strategic partnership with IFC not only facilitates access to growth capital for startups under P1's umbrella but also facilitates their expansion endeavors.

This collaboration further bolsters P1's focus on pivotal sectors like financial technology (fintech) and AI-powered SaaS solutions.

Among its notable investments are Algeria's versatile super app Yassir, Nigeria's leading employee healthcare platform Reliance Health, the Ivory Coast's innovative neobank consumer challenger, and Morocco's dynamic fintech and e-commerce platform, Chari.

P1 Ventures demonstrates unwavering confidence in Africa's burgeoning potential.

The team underscores that emerging markets in the region often embrace technological advancements at an accelerated pace compared to their developed counterparts.

Notably, the proliferation of mobile money services has significantly transformed financial infrastructures, accounting for nearly half of the world's mobile money accounts in 2022.

The fund's overarching goal is to support visionary founders harnessing emerging technologies such as generative AI to revolutionize various sectors, including retail, agriculture, and healthcare, among others.

With its forward-looking approach, P1 Ventures is poised to drive impactful change across diverse industries within the African continent.

Source: Edge Middle East

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