MANTRA Raises $11M Investment Led by Shorooq Partners to Propel RWA Tokenisation

MANTRA Raises $11M Investment Led by Shorooq Partners to Propel RWA Tokenisation

By Staff Writer, 20 March 2024

MANTRA, a key player in the realm of Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization, has just concluded a significant funding round, securing a total of $11 million in investment.

Spearheaded by Shorooq Partners, a prominent venture and technology investor in the MENA region, this funding marks a crucial step forward for MANTRA's global ambitions in revolutionizing RWA tokenizsation.

Joining Shorooq Partners in this investment endeavor are a diverse array of strategic backers, including Three Point Capital, Forte Securities, Virtuzone, Hex Trust, GameFi Ventures, Caladan, Token Bay Capital, BlackPine, Mapleblock, Fuse Capital, and 280 Capital.

This collective infusion of fresh capital sets the stage for MANTRA to amplify its efforts in enabling RWA tokenization on a scalable basis.

The allocated funds from this round will be directed towards three pivotal objectives.

Firstly, MANTRA aims to construct regulatory-compliant infrastructure adhering to global standards, ensuring transparency and trust in its operations.

Secondly, the company is dedicated to empowering developers with the necessary tools to craft RWA-focused protocols on the MANTRA Chain, facilitating innovation and expansion within the ecosystem.

Lastly, MANTRA seeks to expand the tokenization of real-world assets, with a particular focus on fostering market synergies between the MENA region and Asia.

By facilitating easier access to investment opportunities in the Middle East and Asia, MANTRA endeavors to enhance market liquidity and spur economic growth in these regions.

This streamlined approach to asset trading is poised to unlock new avenues for investment, bolster entrepreneurship, and attract a broader spectrum of global investors.

Such initiatives align with the overarching goals of both regions to lead in financial innovation, driving sustained economic prosperity and development.

Source: Arabian Business

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