Empowering Women in Business: A Collaborative Effort by ADBWC and Clear Speak GCC

Empowering Women in Business: A Collaborative Effort by ADBWC and Clear Speak GCC

By Press Release, 02 April 2024

The Abu Dhabi Businesswoman Council (ADBWC), a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI), and Clear Speak GCC, a leading provider of communication training solutions, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to empower women in business communication and elevate their professional capabilities.

Under this agreement, ADBWC and Clear Speak GCC will work together to offer specialized communication training programs designed to equip female entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and techniques to better position and promote their brands. These programs will focus on developing essential communication skills, including public speaking, negotiation, presentation skills, and interpersonal communication. By enhancing their communication capabilities, female entrepreneurs will be better equipped to attract business opportunities and drive growth for their businesses.

Fatima Al Blooshi, Director at the Abu Dhabi Businesswoman Council, said: "This collaboration comes in line with our mission to support and empower women in business. By joining forces with Clear Speak GCC, we are expanding our reach and capabilities to provide our female members with the communication tools and opportunities they need to succeed in the business landscape. This collaboration will also empower our female entrepreneurs to elevate their competiveness in the market, unlock their full potential and attract investments to their businesses”

Clear Speak GCC, known for its expertise in communication skills training and consultancy services, brings a wealth of knowledge and resources. Through this collaboration, Clear Speak GCC is committed to providing specialized training programs tailored to the needs of women entrepreneurs and professionals.

Robyn Albers, Founder of Clear Speak GCC said: "We are honoured to partner with the Abu Dhabi Businesswoman Council in our shared goal of helping women communicate clearly and confidently in business. By sharing our expertise in communication skills development, we aim to equip women with clear communication for clear results.”

The MoU outlines various areas of collaboration, including joint workshops, seminars, and training programs focused on enhancing leadership skills, communication proficiency, and business acumen for women. This is in addition to knowledge-sharing, facilitating networking opportunities, and fostering mentorship relationships between seasoned professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

ADBWC and Clear Speak GCC are committed to leveraging their collective resources and networks to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women in business.


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