Dubai's Tabby Launches Tabby Shop, a Digital Shopping Assistant

Dubai's Tabby Launches Tabby Shop, a Digital Shopping Assistant

By Staff Writer, 31 August 2023

Tabby, the leading shopping and financial services app in the MENA region, has introduced Tabby Shop, a comprehensive shopping tool that represents the app's most significant update since its launch, as reported by Zawya.

Tabby Shop offers a wide range of over 500,000 products from numerous brands across fashion, beauty, home, and electronics. It comes equipped with advanced shopping features including enhanced search capabilities, wishlisting, deal alerts, and more.

A new shopping site or app is launched practically daily in the Middle East as e-commerce expands, making it difficult to compare products, pair styles, and discover timely discounts. With Tabby Shop, consumers can find, organize, and keep track of the top goods, companies, and discounts without having to go between different shopping sites and apps.

With the ability to sort and filter products by color, brand, price, materials, and more, this new shopping tool makes it simple to browse through hundreds of thousands of products. In order to personalize the user's buying experience, autosuggestions are also supported by Tabby Shop's search functionality.

Shoppers can find the best discounts on thousands of brands with coupon codes and store-wide promotions, including Tabby exclusives, to help individuals manage their finances. Additionally, they will be the first in line to benefit from price reductions and deal alerts on products they have marked as favorites.

Additionally, users will have access to 24/7 chat service from Tabby's staff for orders, payments, and returns as well as the ability to put their favorite products into collections to share with friends and family.

Hosam Arab, CEO and Co-Founder of Tabby, said: “We’re beyond excited to take the Tabby app to new heights and define a whole new era of shopping for the MENA region. For shoppers, discovering their favourite brands and products is easier than ever, while giving our retailers the opportunity to tell their story to the region’s most powerful shopping community”.

With over 5 million active customers choosing Tabby as their preferred way to shop, Tabby Shop will be a powerful new channel for retailers to showcase their brands and products to a high-intent shopper base.

Tabby Shop is now available on the Tabby app in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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