Bioniq and Al Borg Diagnostics Join Forces to Revolutionize Personalized Health in Saudi Arabia

Bioniq and Al Borg Diagnostics Join Forces to Revolutionize Personalized Health in Saudi Arabia

By Press Release, 01 April 2024

Bioniq, an international precision health company and personalized supplement manufacturer, enters Saudi Arabia. It just announced a strategic partnership with Al Borg Diagnostics, a leading provider of diagnostic health services in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration is set to boast personalized health across the Kingdom, making a comprehensive Bioniq blood test panel available in 28 cities across Saudi Arabia.

Now, consumers from Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Khobar, or any other cities across the country, can achieve optimal health levels much easier. After completing a 50-parameter blood test, AI Borg Diagnostics will offer all customers the option to translate their results into a personalized supplement formula made by Bioniq.

Bioniq, founded in London in 2019, offers personalized supplements based on blood test data and its patented algorithm. The blood test data allows Bioniq to get a thorough understanding of the client’s current nutrient status, then identify imbalances and address them by providing a 100% tailor-made daily supplement formula. Bioniq’s personalized supplements enable clients to benefit from improved energy, better sleep quality, faster recovery and healthier ageing.

Banafsheh Salmani, Head of Global Product and Managing Director at Bioniq Middle East, says, “We’re proud to align with a company that shares our commitment to enhancing health and wellness. This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it’s a milestone in our mission to deliver personalized health solutions directly to customers in Saudi Arabia. We’re excited to extend our reach across the region and support your health journey with even more precision and care, thanks to the extensive Al Borg network”.

The company officially entered the UAE in 2021, and since then, it has expanded across the Gulf region, serving customers globally. Bioniq has developed one of the largest and most genetically diverse biochemical databases by leveraging anonymized data from over 100,000 members and cross-referencing it with more than 6 million biochemical data points. Bioniq partners with The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi and Metabolic to enhance the wellness industry in the region.

“The Middle East is of strategic importance to Bioniq. Recent years have shown it to be one of the fastest-growing regions, especially in the healthcare sector,” remarked Vadim Fedotov, CEO of Bioniq.

Since 1998, Al Borg Diagnostics has been a leader in the medical diagnostics field in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, known for its extensive network and outstanding services. Over the past two decades, Al Borg Diagnostics has tested over 100 million samples, ensuring highly accurate results and timely delivery. The company conducts over 16.3 million tests annually.

With a population estimated at 37 million, Saudi Arabia boasts the largest healthcare system in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, contributing to 60% of the healthcare expenditure among member countries. In 2023, $50.4 billion was spent on healthcare and social development – 16.96% of the annual government budget.


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