Saudi Pharma Leaders Avalon and Dmsco Forge Historic Partnership

Saudi Pharma Leaders Avalon and Dmsco Forge Historic Partnership

By Staff Writer, 08 June 2024

A landmark collaboration has been unveiled in Saudi Arabia's pharmaceutical landscape as Avalon Pharma, a leading player in the industry, joins forces with Al-Dawaa Medical Services Company (Dmsco) in a strategic agreement. This partnership aims to address the pressing need for essential medications within the local market.

The manufacturing agreement between Avalon Pharma and Dmsco signifies a commitment to ensuring the sustainable availability of crucial medications while preempting shortages, thereby bolstering the security of the Kingdom's pharmaceutical supply chain. By pooling resources, the two entities pledge to furnish high-quality medications at competitive prices, easing financial strains on consumers and enhancing accessibility to essential treatments.

In addition to prioritizing the production aspect, both companies have underscored their dedication to improving customer service standards. This encompasses optimizing distribution channels, streamlining delivery processes, and furnishing comprehensive information about medications. Such initiatives are poised to benefit both end-users and suppliers alike.

This collaboration underscores the unwavering support of Avalon Pharma and Dmsco toward advancing Saudi Arabia's healthcare sector. With a focus on efficiency and quality enhancement, this endeavor is positioned to usher in a brighter future for healthcare provision in the Kingdom.

Mohammed Maher Al-Ghannam, Managing Director and CEO of Avalon Pharma, hailed the partnership as a pivotal milestone in the company's trajectory, emphasizing its alignment with the Kingdom's healthcare objectives. By localizing medication production, Al-Ghannam noted, the initiative not only ensures a steady supply but also contributes to the economic and social prosperity of the nation.

This agreement underscores Avalon Pharma's steadfast commitment to fostering growth and bolstering national drug and health security in consonance with Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program. In tandem with Dmsco, Avalon Pharma's efforts align with Saudi Arabia's ambitious agenda to localize the manufacturing of essential medications, thereby fortifying the Kingdom's capacity to achieve comprehensive drug and health security.

Looking ahead, Avalon Pharma is poised to amplify its growth trajectory through innovative marketing strategies, marked by milestones such as the registration of new production lines, sustained profitability, and the imminent launch of its fourth manufacturing facility within the Kingdom.

Source: Trade Arabia

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