Apple Aims for February Market Debut of Vision Pro Headset

Apple Aims for February Market Debut of Vision Pro Headset

By Staff Writer, 21 December 2023

According to a recent report from Bloomberg News, Apple (AAPL.O) is intensifying its efforts to produce the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, targeting a market launch by February.

Insider sources familiar with the matter revealed that production for this highly anticipated device has been operating at full capacity in Chinese facilities for several weeks.

The objective, as outlined in the report, is to ensure that units destined for consumers are prepared by the conclusion of January.

Subsequently, Apple plans to introduce the Vision Pro to the retail market the following month.

This initiative comes after the Vision Pro was initially unveiled in June at a price point of $3,499, with its U.S. availability anticipated by early 2024.

In a proactive move, Apple reportedly dispatched an email to software developers this Wednesday, urging them to gear up for the Vision Pro's debut.

The tech giant encouraged developers to rigorously test their applications using the latest tools and to submit their software to Apple for evaluation and feedback.

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Interestingly, earlier media speculations in July had hinted at Apple revising its production forecasts downward for the Vision Pro.

This adjustment was believed to be a consequence of intricate design challenges encountered during the device's development phase.

Arsheeya Bajwa / Reuters

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