AI-Powered Diabetes Screening Initiative Unveils Critical Data for Future Health Planning

AI-Powered Diabetes Screening Initiative Unveils Critical Data for Future Health Planning

By Staff Writer, 15 January 2024

Recently released results from a 100-day collaborative initiative between the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHP) and the private sector reveal the number of individuals diagnosed with diabetes.

The nationwide diabetes screening program, which involved over 12,000 participants, is expected to reshape health strategies and public awareness campaigns.

The project focused on screening for glycated haemoglobin. The results showed that out of the 12,877 individuals tested, over 1,000 were diagnosed with either diabetes or pre-diabetes.

This data will serve as a cornerstone for health authorities to plan future services and enhance educational efforts about the condition.

One noteworthy aspect of the initiative is the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in analyzing the collected data.

The AI aims to predict the potential consequences of diabetes and facilitate early preventive treatment for individuals with pre-diabetes, with the goal of reducing their reliance on long-term medication.

Out of those screened, 8.9% (equivalent to more than 1,100 individuals) were identified as having pre-diabetes.

Merck, the pharmaceutical company in charge of the screening program, expects a reduction in pre-diabetes cases after a six-month follow-up period. During this time, individuals will receive support to manage the condition.

Pre-diabetes is a significant health concern characterized by elevated blood sugar levels that have not yet reached the threshold for full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

However, with timely intervention and healthy lifestyle changes, the progression to diabetes can be prevented.

The insights gained from this screening initiative are expected to guide future healthcare planning and empower individuals to proactively address their health.

Nick Webster / The National

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