Pure Harvest's Entrepreneurial Journey
Published date : 28 August 2023

Pure Harvest's Entrepreneurial Journey

In the heart of Abu Dhabi, Pure Harvest Smart Farms is pioneering the future of sustainable agriculture. Founded in 2016, the Agtech start-up is transforming the way we think about farming, leveraging high-tech hybrid growing systems to overcome the Middle East's greatest challenges: food security, water conservation, economic diversification, and sustainability.

Early on, it was a struggle to secure support. Fortunately, today Pure Harvest is far from being in a difficult fundraising position. The last round was oversubscribed, and though the team was targetting a US $100 million raise, it managed to raise over $180 million, with additional investors looking to jump on.

With global expansion on its mind, Pure Harvest has its heart set on becoming the next Middle Eastern Unicorn and becoming a company valued at over $1 billion.

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