Top 10 MEA Countries in EPA (2014-2023)
Published date : 02 July 2024

Top 10 MEA Countries in EPA (2014-2023)

In the period from 2014 to 2023, Israel consistently led European patent applications among MEA countries, with a significant number of submissions, reaching a total of 14,616 applications over the decade. This is almost three times the number of applications submitted by the runner-up, Turkey, which followed with a total of 5,830 applications.

Saudi Arabia, in third place, accumulated 2,742 applications, with a peak of 494 in 2020. South Africa's patent applications totaled 945, with an average of just under 100 annually. The UAE, in the top five, submitted a total of 559 applications over the last decade.

European and ICT patent applications are critical for expanding market access, ensuring strong intellectual property protection, and capitalizing on Europe's strategic role as a worldwide business and innovation hub. This process reflects their commitment to safeguarding and commercializing innovations on a global basis.

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