Ranking Mena Markets by Size of Fintech Opportunity

Ranking Mena Markets by Size of Fintech Opportunity

By Erika Masako Welch, 03 June 2022
Ranking Mena Markets by Size of Fintech Opportunity

The diagram above illustrates all 19 MENA markets in ranking order of “Size of Fintech Opportunity”, which is in effect, each market’s Total Addressable Market Size for Fintech. In first place is Egypt, which is the most promising and lucrative Fintech market, and in last place is Libya, which is the least attractive Fintech market. 

Egypt is the most attractive, as it has between 62 to 72 million potential fintech customers today, out of Egypt’s total 102 million inhabitants. The line indicates the total potential market, which is the total population. The blue box indicates the current Total Addressable Market (TAM). The range of the Total Addressable Market is determined by the smartphone penetration rate (lower limit), and the internet penetration rate (upper limit). 

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