Global Foodtech Unicorn Success Stories

By Erika Masako Welch, 24 August 2023

Foodtech is sizzling with over 10.5K+ startups vying to revolutionize our eating habits. These companies cover everything from online food platforms and IoT-enabled appliances to SaaS solutions. With a whopping $47B in funding across 2000 companies in its 2021 banner year, this sector is attracting major investments. Deal values in 2022 fell in line with five-year historical medians, but the deal count – though lower than 2021, was still the second largest on record in 2022. The industry is clearly suffering the same systemic challenges faced by other tech industries – from inflationary pressures to the drying up of VC capital injections throughout the VC winter that’s taking hold - however foodtech investors expect investment activity to recover as broader m

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The Growing Business of Foodtech

There are over 124 foodtech unicorns around the world worth over US $1.3 trillion. The Foodtech market itself surpassed US $260 billion last year alone. Alt-Proteins, 3D Printing Food, and AI integrated Restaurant SaaS: The future of food has arrived.