Data Points That Help Explain the Emergence of Foodtech

By Erika Masako Welch, 24 August 2023

In this era of disruption, technology becomes our ally in overcoming food industry challenges. Welcome to Foodtech, where innovation reshapes agriculture and every industry facet, from farm to fork. Harnessing tech for selection, preservation, distribution, and safety, it adapts to changing habits, creating a modern food ecosystem. In this article, we'll provide data explaining the rise of foodtech.

  1. Food Security Issues that Foodtech Could Help Us Address
  2. The VC Winter is hitting Foodtech just the same as every other sector
  3. Fewer Foodtech Deals Signed, but Deal Sizes are Getting Larger
  4. Foodtech Exits Slowdown
  5. Alternative Proteins is the Foodtech Sub-Sector to Watch


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The Growing Business of Foodtech

There are over 124 foodtech unicorns around the world worth over US $1.3 trillion. The Foodtech market itself surpassed US $260 billion last year alone. Alt-Proteins, 3D Printing Food, and AI integrated Restaurant SaaS: The future of food has arrived.