Astra Tech's BOTIM becomes the world’s first “Ultra app”

Astra Tech's BOTIM becomes the world’s first “Ultra app”

By Press Release, 04 May 2023

Dubai, UAE — Astra Tech (Astra), the leading consumer technology holding group in MENA, has announced the launch of BOTIM 3.0, the world's first "Ultra app”. The term “Ultra App” has been coined to distinguish the platform from the crowded super app space. The platform aims to become an all-inclusive digital platform for its users by incubating fintech, e-commerce, GPT, and communications into a single user experience.

BOTIM is a powerful digital tool meant to ease every user's life through access to services such as BOTIM Money for peer-to-peer transactions and international transfers, BOTIM Stores with access to 100,000+ stores including, and advanced video services such as tutoring and telemedicine later this year. BOTIM 3.0 is available to users around the world providing the world’s only seamless and open access to communicate and transact to and from the MENA region.

The Ultra platform differs from super platforms in that it is built on top of a more frequently used case, communication, which eliminates the need for users to learn new behaviors to adapt to the platform. Through communication, many other services are enabled, leading to very high adoption rates from users.

Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Co-Founder and CEO of Astra Tech, BOTIM’s parent company, stated: “The app space has become overcrowded over the past few years, with many platforms that are now causing a serious case of app noise and fatigue to users. We believe that a chat-based approach to offer all our services, on top of BOTIM, will provide users of all backgrounds and demographics with a single access point to the services they need, making our services inclusive and scalable.”

BOTIM launched its first fintech service and the world's first in-chat international money transfer a few weeks ago with tremendous success in the UAE, India, and the Philippines, changing the remittance landscape regionally and showcasing the power of the Ultra platform. With millions of users now able to transfer money easily and securely, BOTIM is revolutionizing how people manage their finances. BOTIM is now expanding its financial services through its sister company, PayBy, to offer a fully integrated wallet that includes peer-to-peer, payments, and personal financial solutions. With licenses from the Central Bank-UAE and the largest user base in the region, BOTIM is cementing its position as a leading financial technology platform.

BOTIM continues to demonstrate its innovative approach and establish itself as a top technology player by introducing the world's first executional Arabic GPT. This groundbreaking system will enable users to easily execute a wide range of tasks within the BOTIM ecosystem, including booking airline tickets, ordering coffee, initiating international money transfers, scheduling tutoring sessions, sending meeting invites, and more. With a global user base of over 150 million, BOTIM's executional Arabic GPT will redefine how people access and use digital services.

Astra Tech holds the position of being the region's largest platform by number of users and amount of transactions. Its unrivaled technical capabilities are a direct result of its strategic acquisitions of some of the region's most important tech, communications, and e-commerce companies. The company continues to launch new innovative and cutting-edge solutions in its ambition to consolidate the consumer space under one platform.


About BOTIM:

Founded by Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Astra Tech is MENA's leading consumer technology holding group dedicated to revolutionizing everyday services through its Ultra app. Astra Tech’s platform is the region’s biggest by the number of users and amount of transactions and is the region’s strongest technical player in terms of capabilities as a result of its acquisitions of some of the region’s most important companies in tech, communications, and e-commerce. The company continues to launch new, innovative, and cutting-edge solutions in its ambition to consolidate the consumer space under one platform. The group acquired PayBy, Rizek, and the VoIP app BOTIM in 2022 to create the Ultra app, which will seamlessly integrate day-to-day services for users. BOTIMM operates in 155 countries, offering various services including VoIP, international money transfers, bill payments, and UAE visa services. Astra Tech is committed to advancing technology and enhancing user experience in the region through continuous innovation.

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