ValU: The Leading Lifestyle-Enabling Fintech Offering Comprehensive Financial Solutions

ValU: The Leading Lifestyle-Enabling Fintech Offering Comprehensive Financial Solutions

By Nazmia Nassereddine, 19 March 2024

Valu, established in 2017, is MENA’s leading universal fintech solution, that pioneered BNPL in the region. 

  • Startup NameValU
  • Total Funding: US$ 10 million
  • Year Established: 2017
  • Headquarter: Giza
  • Sector: Fintech, Finance, Financial Services
  • Employees: 200-500
  • Website:

ValU is a lifestyle-enabling fintech platform offering convenient and customizable financing plans up to 60 months without down payment. With over 3 million app downloads to date, the company operates across more than 32,000 points of sale and is active across over 6,500 retailers and over 2,000 online stores. 

Valu offers access to a wide network of retail and e-commerce providers across a diverse array of categories including home appliances, electronics, home furniture and finishings, residential solar solutions, healthcare, education, travel and fashion. Its expansive network has attracted over 1 million active clients, contributing to a total gross merchandise value of EGP 5.8 billion on its BNPL platform, U, in 2022-marking a significant leap from EGP 2.4 billion in 2021. In 2023, Valu continued its upwards trajectory, having completed 1.9 million transactions with a GMV of EGP 9.2 billion, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Today, Valu also offers B2C investment products via the AZ valu Fund and EFG Hermes ONE, an instant cash redemption program through Sha2labaz, a save-to-buy solution with Akeed, and a financing solution to facilitate the purchase of bigticket items up to EGP 15 million in the luxury space through Ulter. 

Valu has further expanded into the B2B space by offering tools to manage employees, provide financial services and more through Valu business. 

In 2022, Valu fully acquired Paynas, a comprehensive employee management and benefits company targeting MSMEs, and rebranded it into the B2B services platform offering a corporate HR employee management system, benefits, payroll cards, and other financial services that Valu is today. It also took minority stakes in Kiwe, Egypt’s first social payment app for youth, a s well as Hoods, a leading live commerce platform, and has a 2% indirect stake in Paytabs Egypt and a 10% stake in EFG EV Fintech, exhibiting its broadening influence within the fintech ecosystem.

Last year, Valu rebranded into a “universal financial technology powerhouse with a comprehensive suite of financial solutions” to meet the dynamic needs of its customers through digitalized products and services. The company also saw several partnerships in its vision for financial inclusion and a cashless society in Egypt. Partnering with Telda, Egypt’s digital payment platform, Valu introduced the “Sha2labaz” program to allow instant cash redemptions directly into Telda accounts, a first in the Egyptian market. Its partnerships with Beymen, a luxury retail store, and GSK, a science-led global healthcare company, makes luxury goods more accessible and provide flexible financing for vaccines.

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Valu also partnered with Bosta, the leading tech-enabled last-mile delivery service provider in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, via a strategic agreement through PayTabs Egypt, MEASA’s awardwinning payments powerhouse. This collaboration introduced “Installment on Delivery”, which offers customers the flexibility to pay in installments at the point of delivery, thereby simplifying the purchasing process and broadening the accessibility of online shopping. Valu has also recently introduced its pre-paid card and co-branded credit cards.

Valu is at the forefront of today’s digital revolution, redefining the way individuals and businesses interact with financial services. As we watch this journey unfold, one thing is clear: the future of fintech in MENA is bright, and Valu is leading the charge towards a more financially inclusive and technologically advanced tomorrow. 

ValU’s Key Milestones (2019 - Q1 2024)

Infobyte: ValU’s Key Milestones (2019 - Q1 2024)

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