Sitting Down with the Saudi Tourism Authority

By Erika Masako Welch,01 May 2022
Sitting Down with the Saudi Tourism Authority
Sitting Down with the Saudi Tourism Authority

The amazing transformation underway in Saudi is immediately apparent to anyone who visits. It’s not just about concerts, cinemas and entertainment events. It’s about a sense of optimism and pride in the country and its cultural heritage that permeates almost every aspect of life.

It’s about art and creativity. It’s about fine dining and outdoor recreation. It’s about fashion and youth culture. And, at its heart, it’s about unprecedented opportunity.

Tourism is at the very center of this new energy. Despite being a global destination for trade and religious travel for centuries, the opening of Saudi to leisure tourism in 2019 marked a fundamental change in the way the country sees itself and its relationship with the world. From being one of the least known destinations in the worl

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