Providus Bank: The Bank Supporting Fintechs in Nigeria

Providus Bank: The Bank Supporting Fintechs in Nigeria

By Anamika Patel, 01 June 2023

Large incumbent banks in Nigeria are understandably concerned about the potential impact of the disruptive business models that fintechs bring to the banking ecosystem. Fintechs are closer to customers, understand customers changing preferences, and solve specific customer problems better than incumbents. Fintechs can be viewed as a wasplike threat, and there are various approaches being adopted by the big banks to address them. Some of the big banks are ignoring fintechs altogether and still focusing on their business as usual; others are trying to stamp out local fintechs by building their own in-house fintech subsidiary. And then, other banks meet somewhere in between, launching their own banking products that meet som

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