Wallets Africa Introduces Spring, a Game-Changer for Financial Management

Wallets Africa Introduces Spring, a Game-Changer for Financial Management

By Staff Writer, 23 October 2023

In a stride towards redefining financial management, Nigerian payments startup Wallets Africa has launched its latest offering, Spring—a multi-currency wallet designed to provide effortless cashbacks and streamlined Ether transactions.

Established in 2018, Wallets Africa has been instrumental in enabling individuals and businesses to send and receive money as well as make payments using only their phone numbers.

As an alumni of the esteemed Y Combinator program, the startup has secured backing from various investors amounting to $1.6 million.

Presently, Wallets Africa boasts a substantial user base of 250,000 individuals utilizing its consumer wallet in Nigeria, alongside over 20,000 registered business accounts.

With the introduction of Spring, Wallets Africa is setting out to democratize financial services further.

This innovative platform offers users the convenience of swift onboarding and acquiring an account number.

Moreover, users stand to benefit from attractive cashback incentives on their transactions, and they can seamlessly execute Ether transactions for various purposes.

John Oke, the CEO of Wallets Africa, expressed his enthusiasm about this development, stating, "We are thrilled to unveil Spring, which is aligned with our mission of making finance accessible to all. This is another leap forward in our journey."

Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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