Forecasting a $3.4 Billion Burden: Rising Tide of Type 2 Diabetes in UAE

Forecasting a $3.4 Billion Burden: Rising Tide of Type 2 Diabetes in UAE

By Staff Writer, 05 March 2024

A recent study conducted by researchers in Abu Dhabi has shed light on the potential economic burden of type 2 diabetes in the UAE.

According to the findings, published in Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, the annual cost of managing this condition could skyrocket to $3.4 billion by 2031.

This projection is based on the expected prevalence of 1.6 million individuals affected by diabetes in the country by the early 2030s, coupled with the likelihood of escalating healthcare expenses.

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Factors such as sedentary lifestyles and poor dietary habits prevalent in the Gulf region have significantly contributed to the alarming rise in diabetes rates.

Left unmanaged, diabetes can lead to severe health complications including heart disease, strokes, vision impairment, kidney issues, and other medical conditions.

Utilizing sophisticated modeling techniques, scientists at Khalifa University's College of Computing and Mathematical Sciences have forecasted the potential financial implications of diabetes management for the UAE.

Based on 2021 prices, their analysis suggests that the annual expenditure for addressing diabetes-related healthcare needs could surge to approximately $3.4 billion (Dh12.49 billion) within the next decade.

The study's authors emphasized the importance of their findings in guiding policymakers to comprehend the magnitude of the diabetes epidemic and to implement necessary interventions aimed at mitigating its impact and preventing further complications.

Notably, the UAE currently grapples with one of the highest diabetes prevalence rates globally, standing at 18.7 percent.

Prior analyses have even indicated a potential increase to 21.4 percent by the year 2030. These concerning statistics underscore the urgency for concerted efforts to address the diabetes crisis in the region.

Source: Daniel Bardsley / The Nationals

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