stc Unveils tali ventures: Pioneering Saudi Arabia's Startup Revolution

stc Unveils tali ventures: Pioneering Saudi Arabia's Startup Revolution

By Staff Writer, 04 March 2024

Saudi Arabia's leading telecommunications conglomerate, stc, unveiled its latest initiative on March 3, with the launch of its corporate venture capital arm, tali ventures.

Designed as a catalyst for innovative startups, tali ventures will harness the extensive ecosystem of the stc Group to drive technological progress and cultivate a dynamic entrepreneurial landscape across its operational spheres.

This strategic move highlights the group's unwavering dedication to advancing technology and nurturing entrepreneurial endeavors within its markets.

According to a statement released by the stc Group, tali ventures has already embarked on a promising journey, backing startups such as Nile (specializing in network equipment solutions), Rewaa (offering inventory management solutions), and NearPay (providing digital payments solutions).

These initial investments serve as tangible evidence of the stc Group's commitment to embracing emerging technologies and spearheading transformative innovations.

The Group emphasized the ambitious vision of tali ventures, declaring its launch as a pivotal moment in its quest to empower visionaries worldwide.

Positioning itself as a leading champion of entrepreneurial talent, the Saudi telecom giant aims to revolutionize industries by investing in groundbreaking startups.

Collaborations with esteemed global funds like Sanabil and Prosperity7 underscore stc's determination to shape the future of technology and unlock unprecedented opportunities.

With a keen focus on pivotal sectors such as artificial intelligence, financial technology, property technology, information and communication technology, cloud computing, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and other digital trends, tali ventures aims to provide comprehensive support to ventures poised to redefine industries.

Source: Trade Arabia

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