Mamun, Numa Partner to Boost Financial Empowerment for Arab Creators

Mamun, Numa Partner to Boost Financial Empowerment for Arab Creators

By Staff Writer, 28 May 2024

Mamun, a leading crowd-financing platform offering embedded financial services and wealth-building solutions, has forged a strategic alliance with Numa, a prominent financial technology company catering to the needs of freelancers, creators, and self-employed professionals across the Arab world.

The collaboration between Mamun and Numa aims to revolutionize the financial landscape for freelancers and creators by introducing a novel circular economy proposition. This initiative seeks to provide them with unprecedented access to finance and wealth products tailored to bolster and enrich their ecosystem.

Formerly known as Banki, Numa is on a mission to cater to the financial needs of over 40 million underbanked freelancers and creators in the Arab world. Recognizing the inadequacy of traditional banking services for self-employed individuals, Numa offers a comprehensive suite of professional banking solutions. These include virtual IBANs, virtual VISA cards, seamless transfers, business growth tools, and a supportive community – all consolidated under a single roof.

Through this strategic partnership, Mamun will harness the robust capabilities of Numa's platform to deliver holistic financial solutions. The collaboration ensures that freelancers and creators gain access to essential tools vital for effectively managing and expanding their finances.

By joining forces, Mamun and Numa are poised to empower Arab freelancers and creators with the resources necessary to thrive in today's dynamic economic landscape.

Source: Startup Rise

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