Maalexi and Etihad Credit Insurance Join Forces for UAE SMEs in Agricultural Trade Expansion

Maalexi and Etihad Credit Insurance Join Forces for UAE SMEs in Agricultural Trade Expansion

By Staff Writer, 26 April 2024

Maalexi, a UAE-based dynamic risk management platform catering to SMEs in the agricultural sector, has announced a significant collaboration with Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), the UAE's Federal export credit company.

Under this strategic credit insurance agreement, Maalexi aims to enhance the competitiveness of regional SMEs engaged in food and agricultural trade, both domestically and internationally.

By tapping into ECI’s comprehensive suite of trade credit solutions and services, Maalexi aims to lower entry barriers for SMEs, thereby fostering their participation in cross-border agri-produce trade.

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This initiative aligns with Maalexi's core mission of promoting SME involvement in international trade and addressing food security concerns within the UAE.

The partnership will primarily focus on mitigating credit risks associated with receivables from SME buyers and importers, with a particular emphasis on smaller-size transactions.

Through targeted risk mitigation efforts, the collaboration seeks to bring about transformative changes in the agri-trade ecosystem of the UAE, facilitating increased trade and market access opportunities for SMEs.

Maalexi currently facilitates SME buyers in procuring a diverse range of food supplies, encompassing 70 products sourced from 27 countries, within the expansive $3 trillion global cross-border food trading market.

With this strategic alliance with ECI, Maalexi aims to further bolster its efforts in supporting SME agri-businesses and contributing to the growth and sustainability of the UAE's agricultural sector.

Source: Trade Arabia

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