Lagos State and eClat Unveil Smart Health Information Platform (SHIP) Initiative

Lagos State and eClat Unveil Smart Health Information Platform (SHIP) Initiative

By Staff Writer, 21 June 2024

Lagos State has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative in healthcare technology by partnering with eClat, a subsidiary of Interswitch, to introduce the Smart Health Information Platform (SHIP). This platform aims to revolutionize data management across the state’s healthcare facilities.

The collaboration, formalized through a Concession Agreement overseen by the Office of Public Private Partnership (PPP), establishes Digital Health Platform Limited. This Special Purpose Vehicle, comprising the Lagos Ministry of Health, Interswitch, and eClat, will drive the deployment and operations of SHIP.

Originally established in 2012 and acquired by Interswitch in 2019, eClat has been a key player in the Nigerian healthtech sector, serving over 250 healthcare facilities with its Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform. Now, in partnership with the Lagos state government, eClat aims to enhance data security and streamline data sharing processes through SHIP.

Known locally as Lagos SHIP (LAGSHIP), the platform promises to eliminate inefficiencies associated with manual data handling, ensuring patient data confidentiality and privacy. Moreover, SHIP will empower the government to better plan and coordinate healthcare services across all levels, leveraging data insights to inform policies and allocate resources effectively.

Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, emphasized that SHIP will not only enhance patient care but also serve as a crucial tool for policymakers. He highlighted that state-owned General Hospitals alone have generated 7 million contact records, underscoring the vast potential of SHIP to transform healthcare delivery and public health strategy in Lagos.

The launch of SHIP marks a significant milestone in Lagos State’s commitment to leveraging technology for improving healthcare outcomes and operational efficiency across its health sector.

Source: Ifeoma Joy Okorie / TechPoint Africa

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