Kuwait's Mubarak Al Kabeer Port: Revolutionizing the Country's Trade

Kuwait's Mubarak Al Kabeer Port: Revolutionizing the Country's Trade

By Staff Writer, 13 March 2024

Spanning across a vast 1,161-hectare expanse, the ambitious project is set to house 24 berths and boast an impressive capacity of 8.1 million containers, as per reports from Al Qabas International.

The significant funding earmarked for this endeavor underscores the government's determination to see through this vital development initiative, which has faced delays extending over several years.

Recent strides have been made towards expediting progress, with the Ministry of Public Works having resumed the issuance of tenders for Phase I of the Mubarak Al Kabeer Port project approximately eight months ago.

These tenders encompass various aspects, including the operation and maintenance of essential infrastructure like the "cathodic" protection system for the port quay wall and berths tailored for small ships.

Based on the findings of a feasibility study, the projected cost for the comprehensive Mubarak Al Kabeer Development Port stands at an estimated KD990 million ($3.2 billion), anticipated to be executed through nine distinct executive contracts.

Once operational, the Mubarak Al Kabeer Port is poised to revolutionize Kuwait's stature, positioning it as a pivotal transit point for regional trade and transport.

The envisioned transformation is expected to elevate Kuwait into a key commercial hub, amplifying its significance within the broader regional economic landscape, as highlighted by Al Qabas International's report.

Source: Trade Arabia

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