Khazenly launches its cross-borders services to empower Egyptian merchants to operate abroad

Khazenly launches its cross-borders services to empower Egyptian merchants to operate abroad

By Press Release, 04 May 2023

Cairo, Egypt — Khazenly, Egypt’s leading on-demand digital logistics and fulfillment management company, has launched its latest 'Cross Borders' service, providing Egyptian merchants with a complete solution to expand their reach into new markets. The service offers a full-fledged logistics arm, from shipping overseas to local fulfillment handling, while also providing a legit setup to sell in Saudi Arabia, leading all necessary certificates and permits. Khazenly's partnerships with national banks and other e-payment partners make settlement in foreign currency easier for merchants, and the Cross Borders service allows the merchants to provide their customers with a signature customer experience that includes handling returns and exchanges. The company is committed to supporting Egyptian merchants in digitizing their businesses, overcoming logistical and fulfillment challenges, and increasing their exports in line with the government's vision.

Khazenly's launch of its 'Cross Borders' service is part of its strategy to expand its business and promote e-commerce in Egypt, providing integrated logistics solutions and services to help merchants grow their businesses. The solution is expected to have a significant impact on Egyptian exports, especially in the Textile, Apparel, Fashion, Cosmetics, Light Electronics, and Home Accessories industries, enabling Egyptian merchants to tap into the potential of the Saudi market Khazenly's focus on serving Egypt-made products in these industries aligns with the goal of driving local brands abroad and contributing to the growth of the Egyptian economy, in line with Egypt's Vision 2030.

Osama Al-Jammali, Co-founder and CCO of Khazenly, stated "We are committed to empowering local merchants and manufacturers in Egypt to grow and expand their businesses. Their success is our success, which is why we continuously strive to provide innovative solutions that unlock unparalleled opportunities for them. This is precisely why we launched 'Cross Borders’ service – to enable merchants to sell their products and complete their commercial transactions in Saudi Arabia, providing them with unprecedented growth opportunities and the ability to receive payments in foreign currency."

Al-Jammali shared Khazenly's vision, saying, "Our aim is to boost the growth of Egyptian exports and increase foreign exchange proceeds, in line with the priorities of the government. We believe our 'Cross Borders' service will make a significant contribution towards achieving these goals. Looking ahead, we plan to expand the service to cover more Gulf Cooperation Council countries in the first quarter of 2024, and eventually include other African countries as well."

Al-Jammali also highlighted that Khazenly offers fulfillment and logistics services to meet the diverse budget and delivery needs of its merchants. Khazenly provides a comprehensive set of services that enables merchants to scale their businesses; 'fulfillment solutions' (covering warehousing, pick & pack, delivery, payment settlement, as well as full coverage insurance), and 'cross border' services.

Khazenly is fully committed to supporting Egypt's efforts to digitize its economy, particularly in the growing e-commerce sector. Given the constant technological advancements, the company recognizes the potential of this market not only within Egypt but also throughout the wider Middle East and Africa region. Khazenly is therefore determined to increase its presence in the region and play a leading role in promoting economic development.

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