Keyper Raises $4 Million, Seals $30 Million Deal with Franklin Templeton

Keyper Raises $4 Million, Seals $30 Million Deal with Franklin Templeton

By Staff Writer, 16 May 2024

Omar Abu Innab, Co-Founder and CEO of Keyper

UAE-based company Keyper has successfully raised $4 million in funding ahead of its series A round.

The financing round was spearheaded by regional venture capital players BECO Capital and Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), along with contributions from established backers like Vivium Holding, Jabbar Group, and Signature Developers.

Additionally, new investors including Annex Investments, Pin Investment, Al Qahtani Investment, and several strategic angels have joined in support.

Expanding its financial base, Keyper has inked a deal to secure an additional $30 million from global asset management giant Franklin Templeton Investments.

With this latest infusion of funds, the company's total capital raised skyrockets to over $40 million.

Keyper's strategic allocation of these funds is aimed at revolutionizing the rental landscape in the UAE by digitalizing the rental experience and enhancing its Rent Now Pay Later (RNPL) solution.

Under this model, landlords stand to benefit from receiving annual rent payments upfront, while tenants gain the flexibility to pay their rents in manageable monthly installments through various digital payment methods including credit/debit cards.

Commenting on the company's vision, Omar Abu Innab, Co-Founder and CEO of Keyper, remarked, "Keyper is transforming what it means to interact with real estate in the UAE. For Landlords, we offer a convenient property ownership experience. Tenants can have a fully digital experience to pay their rent monthly and manage their tenancy."

This latest funding round not only underlines Keyper's growing prominence within the real estate technology sphere but also underscores investor confidence in the company's innovative approach to redefining the rental experience in the UAE market.

Source: Nathaniel Lacsina / Gulf News

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