ChatGPT's Next Leap: Search Feature to Rival Google

ChatGPT's Next Leap: Search Feature to Rival Google

By Staff Writer, 08 May 2024

OpenAI, the renowned artificial intelligence (AI) research lab, is reportedly in the process of developing a groundbreaking feature for its ChatGPT platform, aiming to integrate web search capabilities with sourced citations.

This initiative, disclosed by an anonymous source familiar with the matter, signals OpenAI's ambition to enter into direct competition with tech giants like Google and emerging AI search startup Perplexity.

According to the insider, the proposed feature would enable users to pose questions to ChatGPT and receive responses that draw upon information from the internet, complete with proper citations linking to sources like Wikipedia articles and blog entries.

Additionally, one iteration of the feature is said to include visual aids, such as diagrams, to complement textual explanations when relevant.

For example, if a user queries ChatGPT about changing a doorknob, the response might include a visual guide alongside textual instructions.

While earlier reports from The Information hinted at OpenAI's efforts in this direction back in February, detailed insights into the functionality of the envisioned product had remained undisclosed until now.

This move by OpenAI comes amidst mounting pressure to enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT, especially as the AI landscape becomes increasingly crowded with competing chatbot offerings.

Notably, search functionality has emerged as a pivotal area of interest within the AI industry.

Perplexity, for instance, has garnered significant traction and a staggering valuation of US$1 billion by offering a search engine powered by AI, boasting accuracy and robust citation practices.

Moreover, industry behemoth Google has been vigorously exploring AI-driven innovations to reimagine its core search experience.

Anticipation is high for the unveiling of Google's latest plans for its Gemini AI models, slated to be revealed at the upcoming annual I/O event.

In essence, OpenAI's endeavor to equip ChatGPT with web search capabilities underscores the intensifying competition within the AI sector, as players vie to deliver increasingly sophisticated and comprehensive solutions to meet evolving user demands.

Source: Rachel Metz / Bloomberg

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