Aramco and Hyundai Join Forces for Jafurah Phase II Development

Aramco and Hyundai Join Forces for Jafurah Phase II Development

By Staff Writer, 16 April 2024

Aramco, the Saudi Arabian oil giant, has initiated a collaboration with Hyundai Engineering & Construction, a leading Korean firm, to commence work on the Jafurah Phase II Utilities, Sulfur & Export Facilities Package 2 Project within the kingdom.

This venture is set to take place adjacent to the location of the Saudi Jafurah Gas Treatment Facility Project (Phase-1), which Hyundai Engineering and Hyundai E&C spearheaded back in 2021.

The project's scope includes the development of facilities designated for processing gas extracted from the Jafurah gas field, along with additional infrastructure dedicated to sulfur recovery.

Hyundai Group has announced the commencement of full-scale construction activities, with a projected completion date set for October 2027.

The groundbreaking ceremony witnessed the presence of high-ranking officials from Aramco and Hyundai E&C, marking the initiation of this strategic partnership.

This initiative serves as a sequel to Jafurah Phase I, with the objective of establishing sulfur facilities and utility infrastructure in the Al Hofuf region, further solidifying the ongoing collaboration between the two entities.

Source: Trade Arabia

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