Al Barid Bank, Barid Cash, and CDG Invest Unite to Propel Fintech Innovation in Morocco

Al Barid Bank, Barid Cash, and CDG Invest Unite to Propel Fintech Innovation in Morocco

By Staff Writer, 13 December 2023

Al Barid Bank, Barid Cash, and CDG Invest, the Investment Branch of the CDG Group, have joined forces by signing a strategic agreement to invigorate the fintech landscape in Morocco.

This collaboration marks a pivotal step within the framework of CDG Invest's "212Founders" program, designed to invest in and nurture startups with global aspirations, particularly in the fintech sector.

The overarching goal of the "212Founders" initiative is to infuse dynamism into Morocco's fintech ecosystem by establishing a comprehensive support system for projects ranging from the conceptualization phase to their introduction to the market.

Aligned with a mission of financial inclusion, Al Barid Bank and its subsidiary, Barid Cash, aspire to implement inventive and inclusive banking solutions that deliver value to all Moroccans.

Simultaneously, they seek to cultivate entrepreneurship within the realm of new technologies.

This collaborative endeavor underscores the shared commitment of CDG Invest and the Al Barid Bank Group to champion development and innovation in financial technologies.

The partnership aims to furnish aspiring Moroccan fintech enterprises with an enabling framework, including the provision of technological infrastructure conducive to the realization of their projects.

The ultimate objective of this alliance is to efficiently support the burgeoning momentum in Morocco's fintech sector, staying in perfect harmony with the strategic vision outlined by the signatories.

As this partnership unfolds, it is poised to contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of fintech startups in the country.

Charles Rapulu Udoh / AfrikanHeroes

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