Abu Dhabi's Hub71 Welcomes Diverse Cohort of 15 Startups

Abu Dhabi's Hub71 Welcomes Diverse Cohort of 15 Startups

By Staff Writer, 25 June 2023

Hub71, Abu Dhabi's global tech ecosystem, has welcomed its latest cohort of startups. This year, 15 innovative ventures in priority sectors like HealthTech, FinTech, and EdTech have joined Hub71, as reported by Gulf Business.

The selected startups bring cutting-edge solutions, including non-drug treatments for neurological conditions using neuroscience and data analytics, a mentorship and job matching platform, and a digital VAT refund solution for tourists with savings of up to 20 percent.

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Hub71 experienced a notable 70 percent increase in startup applications compared to the previous cohort, showcasing its appeal as a thriving startup innovation hub. Impressively, up to 67 percent of the selected startups are based outside the UAE, highlighting Abu Dhabi's growing global recognition. Entrepreneurs are attracted to the access to capital, vibrant community, and business-friendly environment provided by Hub71.

Ahmad Ali Alwan, Deputy CEO of Hub71, emphasized the rigorous selection process used to identify startups with unique capabilities and the potential to become global tech companies based in Abu Dhabi. The 15 startups joining the ecosystem represent a diverse range of origins, including the UAE, the US, New Zealand, Egypt, the Netherlands, and the UK. This new cohort strengthens Hub71's community, which now consists of over 240 startups.

Through its focus on attracting and supporting startups with groundbreaking solutions, Hub71 aims to make a significant impact on Abu Dhabi's economy and society, further establishing its position as a leading global innovation hub.

The full list of startups joining Hub71

  • Cypherleak is a cost-effective risk monitoring solution that allows companies to gain visibility on their leaked data and provides attack surface management, vulnerability scanning, and risk scoring solutions.
  • Elmawkaa is a marketplace for building materials. An automated process provides contractors and engineers access to competitive and accurate quotations for their materials from vetted suppliers in a few minutes.
  • Exsurgo uses neuroscience and data analytics to develop treatments for neurological conditions without using pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Fuze is a full-stack digital assets infrastructure platform, enabling MENA businesses to integrate embedded experiences for their customers in a regulatory and compliant way.
  • Inovat is a digital VAT refund solution that allows travellers to save more than 20 per cent in tax refunds on shopping without the need to complete any paperwork or stand in airport queues.
  • LivLyt is democratising access to the latest tech devices through subscriptions, which provides a more affordable, flexible, and convenient solution than alternative options.
  • Mashvisor is a platform that combines all services needed for real estate investing, cutting three months’ worth of research down to only 15 minutes.
  • MediJobs is a platform that enables highly skilled healthcare professionals to connect with an exclusive network of top-tier practices hiring in their area.
  • Ovasave is a tech platform that leverages innovative solutions to provide women access to seamless, integrated, digitally enabled fertility and egg-freezing services across a vetted network.
  • Rabbit Mart is a grocery service with tech-enabled, hyper-local fulfillment centres.
  • SubsBase is a subscription management platform that empowers businesses with recurring payments to manage customers’ lifecycles seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Synapse Analytics is a data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence company that offers services and products to help organisations better use and monetise their data.
  • The Editing is a compact gene editing system that uses endogenous proteins to cure life-threatening genetic disorders.
  • Qureos is a platform that makes mentorship, portfolio building, and matching jobs simple for graduates transitioning to the workplace.
  • Zest Equity is a platform for all venture investors that democratises access to venture transactions across emerging markets.


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