212 Founders Program Backs Crealo's Growth with 4.9 Million Dirham Investment

212 Founders Program Backs Crealo's Growth with 4.9 Million Dirham Investment

By Staff Writer, 24 January 2024

Within the African startup landscape, the 212 Founders program, affiliated with CDG Invest, the investment arm of the CDG Group, has strategically invested in Crealo, an emerging startup specializing in the management and payment of copyright royalties.

This investment represents a key component of Crealo's initial seed funding round, which attracted participation from notable entities like Kima Ventures, Evolem, Super Capital, and a select group of business angels.

The overall funding round garnered a substantial sum of 14.1 million dirhams, with CDG Invest contributing a noteworthy 4.9 million dirhams to support the venture.

This financial injection stands as a pivotal moment for Crealo, positioning it as a leading solution in the domain of copyright management.

The funds secured will play a crucial role in elevating the quality of Crealo's product, establishing new collaborations, and expanding its workforce, thereby propelling its growth trajectory.

The 212 Founders program, a driving force in fostering entrepreneurship and advancing economic sophistication in Morocco, has been actively contributing to the startup ecosystem since its establishment in 2019.

With a successful track record of executing 18 financings in both Seed and Series A stages, the program has collectively reached an impressive milestone of 97 million dirhams.

Source: EntArabi

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