Consensys Pioneers a New Era: The Rise of the Builder in the Age of Web3

Consensys Pioneers a New Era: The Rise of the Builder in the Age of Web3

By Pierrick Ribes, 05 July 2023
Consensys Logo 2023

Once upon a time in the city of blockchain startups, Consensys emerged as a beacon of hope. Since 2014, the company has stood tall and resolute, acting as a haven for pioneers of decentralized technologies. Today, the tech titan wears a new look, signifying not just a cosmetic upgrade, but a deep-seated transformation mirroring the exciting tech revolution in the world.

To better comprehend this metamorphosis, we first need to dive into Consensys’ Global Survey on Crypto and Web3. The results tell a compelling tale about a paradigm shift on the internet; from passive "users" to active "builders". The survey’s most striking revelation? The majority of us feel we add value to the internet and should own what we create. Yet, only 38% believe we're adequately rewarded for our creative contributions. As Joe Lubin, Founder and CEO of Consensys, puts it, “the survey confirms the emergence of a decentralized trust paradigm that empowers users and communities."

This shift forms the backbone of Consensys' new brand ethos, rightly termed as "Shift Control." It echoes the transformation from the conventional centralized infrastructures to decentralized networks or Web3. Think of it like this: the internet has grown from a toddler who needs direction (Web1), to a teenager sharing experiences (Web2), and is now entering adulthood, where it can contribute and build (Web3).

Consensys's rebranding aims to reflect the spirit of this digital adulthood. The company is morphing from a mere user of technology to a builder, aligning itself with the dynamism of the digital landscape and the seismic shift towards decentralization. They are building bridges to the future, where we all can contribute to the global network, generating value not only for ourselves but also for our communities.



But the journey is not without its challenges. The tech industry is akin to a crowded marketplace where everyone is trying to shout louder than the rest. Staying afloat and standing out is no easy feat. But by carving a niche for itself as a champion for builders and community empowerment, Consensys has found a way to differentiate itself. The new logo, a shift from a two-dimensional design to a three-dimensional one, is a metaphor for this transformation and their commitment to this new direction.

The story doesn't end here though. As a testament to its belief in this decentralized future, Consensys is taking the conversation forward with a global virtual hackathon. It's a call to all builders out there to come together, innovate, and craft solutions for the future.

The era of the builder is here, and Consensys, with its new identity, is all set to usher us into this exciting new phase. So, let's join hands, or rather, keyboards, to shape a user-powered and community-centric internet. Let's build the future, one block at a time.

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