Yango Launches Enhanced Safety Features for UAE

Yango Launches Enhanced Safety Features for UAE

By Press Release, 30 November 2023

International technology company Yango has launched safety features and initiatives for UAE Yango app users, demonstrating its commitment to elevating the safety and comfort of its rides and advocating road safety consciousness of e-mobility users across the country.

This offering builds upon the existing range of safety features, which encompass SOS tap buttons for contacting local authorities, route-sharing capabilities, and a Safety Center that integrates the most up-to-date and pre-existing features.

The speeding control and driving-style monitoring technologies are designed to enhance road safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

Through GPS control, the system proactively monitors drivers’ speed during rides, promptly alerting them with notifications when necessary.

The driving-style monitoring technology is sensitive to harsh mobile vibrations, such as hard braking.

When the system detects these fluctuations, notifications are promptly dispatched to the drivers. In cases of recurrent violations, access to the service is revoked. Additionally, Yango evaluates driving style based on passengers’ feedback.

These features align with the UAE’s vision for road safety, where local transport authorities regularly update traffic laws to be more strict.

Constantly innovating to make its roads safer, the country has embraced advanced technology to implement equipment such as smart cameras to detect swerving, sudden lane changes or illegal turns.

Dubai alone has introduced 53 strategic initiatives for traffic control, vehicle and highway engineering, and traffic awareness, continuously aiming to reduce the number of road accidents in the country.

Apart from these features, Yango continues to work on a number of technologies that will bring the safety of rides to a whole new level.

Among those is an AI-driven route monitoring system that will allow the support team to monitor deviations from the planned route during rides in real time.

The feature will be tested in a number of markets before the end of 2023.

Yango believes that combining the monitoring features with those developing will establish the region's safest ride-hailing service, bringing the bar of quality to an unprecedented height and ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers.

Islam Abdul Karim, General Manager, Yango GCC, stated: "Safety for our riders and drivers remains one of our first priorities. Through these enhanced safety features catering to both passengers and drivers, Yango is setting a benchmark for road safety in ride-hailing and ensuring a safe and responsible ride experience for all. Our overarching goal is to empower the UAE with state-of-the-art technological solutions in ride-hailing, especially as the industry is set to have 3.25 million users in the country by 2027. Our commitment to safety is long-term, and we are dedicated to continuous upgrades of our safety features across all markets, driven by valuable feedback from our users and drivers."

Before starting a trip, riders can view their driver’s profile, which has a rating score based on feedback from past rides.

This profile also features a current photo of the driver, facilitating easy identification. This is also reaffirmed by vehicle document checks.

During the trip, riders benefit from the Safety Centre, which offers an SOS button for riders to promptly alert local authorities in case of an emergency, while the share route button allows for the easy sharing of trip details with their contacts.

Additionally, there is a dedicated incident support team available to address any concerns or issues that may arise during the ride.


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