From Concept to Reality: Xpeng's Flying Car Revolution

From Concept to Reality: Xpeng's Flying Car Revolution

By Staff Writer, 17 May 2024

Xpeng's vision for the future of transportation took flight with the revelation that its affiliate, Xpeng AeroHT, is set to roll out its pioneering flying car by 2026.

Brian Gu, co-president of the renowned Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, disclosed this ambitious plan in an exclusive interview with CNBC on Friday (May 17).

The groundbreaking project made headlines last year with the unveiling of the Land Aircraft Carrier, a revolutionary concept featuring a sizable truck housing a sleek two-seater passenger electric drone.

This innovative flying car is designed to detach from the truck, allowing passengers to seamlessly transition from road to air travel.

Gu emphasized that the vehicle will be available for pre-order within the year, with expectations for deliveries to commence by 2026.

Highlighting the strategic focus, he explained that the flying car is tailored for deployment in scenic areas and outskirts, steering clear of congested urban centers.

Xpeng intends to collaborate with local authorities to establish designated flying parks and zones, streamlining regulatory hurdles for enthusiasts to relish the freedom of flight.

While the initial delivery timeline initially aimed for the fourth quarter of 2025, Xpeng announced that the project is currently undergoing rigorous certification procedures with the Chinese aviation regulator.

Despite a slight adjustment in the timeline, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionizing personal transportation with its cutting-edge flying car technology.

Source: Arjun Kharpal / CNBC

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