WhatsApp's "Imagine Me" Transforms Profile Pictures with Imaginary Settings

WhatsApp's "Imagine Me" Transforms Profile Pictures with Imaginary Settings

By Staff Writer, 03 July 2024

Meta is set to introduce a new AI-driven tool on WhatsApp, allowing users to transform their profile pictures with fantastical backdrops. Known as "Imagine Me," this feature, revealed through a leaked screenshot by Android Authority, enables users to generate AI-enhanced variations of their profile images based on specified text prompts.

To utilize this tool, users will upload a selfie or a set of selfies and input phrases like "Imagine me..." followed by their desired setting. The AI then synthesizes new images placing the user in environments such as forests or outer space, as indicated in the leaked preview.

While the feature isn't yet publicly available, initial steps involve users providing reference selfies upon opting in. Meta's move towards integrating more AI functionalities underscores its ambition to lead in AI innovation, aiming to enhance user engagement across its platforms.

Source: Andrew Hutchinson / Social Media Today

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