W Capital Revolutionizes Dubai Real Estate with Pioneering Inspection Service

W Capital Revolutionizes Dubai Real Estate with Pioneering Inspection Service

By Press Release, 13 May 2024

W Capital, a Dubai based real estate brokerage, launched a pre-delivery property inspection service, the first of its kind  by a real estate brokerage in freehold areas in the emirate, in partnership with Building Rank Group, which  provides services in 7 markets in the Middle East.

“We are pleased to provide this new service within the diverse business portfolio provided by the company, which is keen to provide the best services with high quality and at an acceptable cost,” said Walid Al Zarooni, W Capital CEO.

Al Zarooni noted that the property inspection service, whether an apartment, a villa, or a commercial store, before hand- off, is one of the important services in the Dubai real estate sector, due to its great role in checking problems and defects before hand-off, and asking the real estate developer to fix them, which saves customers’ money and efforts, and spares them future problems that may be discovered years later after using the unit.

“After the developer finishes construction, he calls the customer to inspect the unit before hand-off. Even if there are notes, repairs are requested from the contractor responsible for constructing the property, and the cost is borne by the contractor, who originally provides guarantees in favor of the developer,” said Al Zarooni.

“The misunderstanding is possible because 80% of real estate sales in Dubai are currently made to individuals living outside the city, whether in one of the neighboring emirates within the country, or abroad. Therefore, a real estate broker or anybody else may request unit inspection, and this method reveal hidden defects that a person cannot spot with the eye,” he added.

“That’s why ​​the partnership between W Capital and Building Rank – which is one of the first companies specialized in the Middle East in the pre-delivery inspection service, is very useful,” said the CEO. He noted that W Capital is the first real estate broker to make partnership with an international company approved by Dubai Municipality to provide inspection services.

Al Zarooni revealed that the company provides a very detailed report, which is jointly prepared by engineering specialists (civil, mechanical, electrical) equipped with special tools to inspect all the details of the unit, including electricity and water connections, finishes and walls, to discover leaks that may appear during a later period after using the unit, before they write a report. Then, the report will be approved by Dubai Municipality with 12 months warranty.

Al Zarooni stated that this process increases the value of the property, enhances buyers’ confidence, and may help them make a good investment decision without fearing that defects may appear in the property after purchase.

“We provide services in 7  regional markets (the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Iraq) and aim to expand the scope of our business to include  new markets in the  near future,” said  Engineer Mohammed Wisam, Building Rank operations manager.

Wisam added that his company has been present in the UAE for 6 months and has conducted about 60 inspection operations so far, pointing out that they have more than 50 devices of the latest international models used in the inspection process.

He confirmed that the inspection service experts make a report that includes the pros and cons of the property and identifies the locations of hidden defects along with solutions with the cost of repairing in the best way with minimum loss.

Wisam explained that the service is specific to 4 basic criteria, including the site standard, which covers examining the construction site, the availability of services, and all matters related to the logistical location of the building, in addition to the structural and architectural structure, which includes complete architectural finishes such as paints, the quality of wood, aluminum, and ceramics.

The second criteria include inspecting the structure components, which includes rebar, concrete, and its strength.

The third Criteria cover inspection of the electrical systems that are fully studied, and includes insulation, lighting, and everything related to electricity, while the  fourth criteria focuses on mechanical work, which includes detecting leaks, sewage, and water supply pipes.

He pointed out that the devices used provide an advanced method for inspecting buildings using “non-destructive” methods, so that they will not be broken or demolished during the inspection process.

“There are devices that check the percentage of humidity in the walls, the percentage of rust in the rebar, and check concrete cracks,” he added.

As for the cost of the service he assures that it is fair and within the investor’s reach. Rates start from 4 to 8 thousand dirhams depending on the unit area, whether a studio, one- or two-bedroom apartment, a villa or a townhouse, up to 10 thousand dirhams, while the benefit behind the service is great and necessary.


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