Virtual Healthcare Provider TruDoc's Majority Ownership is Now Held by UAE-Based Pulsar Capital

Virtual Healthcare Provider TruDoc's Majority Ownership is Now Held by UAE-Based Pulsar Capital

By Staff Writer, 06 September 2023

TruDoc, the leading telehealth and virtual primary care provider in the UAE, has announced a significant investment from Pulsar Capital, a well-known regional private equity firm specializing in healthcare, e-commerce, and fintech sectors.

This strategic investment represents a major step forward in TruDoc's mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery and expand its services to benefit patients in various regions, as seen on Wamda.

Pulsar Capital's investment in TruDoc is driven by the goal of enhancing its product offerings and accelerating its growth across South Asia, the GCC, and Africa, bringing world-class healthcare solutions to these regions. This development follows Pulsar Capital's initial investment in 2022 when the private equity firm acquired a minority stake in TruDoc. The recent investment signifies Pulsar Capital's increased commitment and now represents a controlling stake in the company.

TruDoc, a leading healthcare provider, is addressing the global challenges of healthcare accessibility and affordability with its comprehensive care solutions. With a presence in various regions, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and parts of Africa, TruDoc aims to make healthcare more accessible to a diverse population.

Founded in 2011, TruDoc has been at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare delivery. The company has become a trusted name, serving nearly one million paid subscribers in the UAE and two million worldwide. They offer 24x7 access to licensed telemedicine, home care services, diagnostic facilities, e-pharmacy services, and personalized wellness programs.

TruDoc's innovative approach empowers patients to take charge of their health from the comfort of their homes, reshaping the traditional healthcare experience to be more user-friendly and patient-centered.

TruDoc, renowned for its steadfast dedication to value-based care and evidence-based medicine, boasts a team of devoted healthcare experts who place patients' needs at the forefront. Their unwavering commitment ensures that every patient receives personalized and all-encompassing medical attention, addressing their distinct health needs.

Managing Partner of Pulsar Capital, Vish Narain also assumes the new role of Executive Chairman of TruDoc commenting, “The acquisition of TruDoc represents our continued commitment to deliver quality care to patients with an emphasis on convenience, affordability and accessibility.  Technology is going to significantly change the way primary care is going to be delivered.  TruDoc has cutting-edge tools using the latest technology in electronic patient record management, home health, telemonitoring, wearables and generative AI which will benefit our payors and end-consumers.”

With a revitalized leadership team at the helm, TruDoc is now on the brink of reshaping the landscape of healthcare delivery. The company has set its sights on a fresh array of product offerings, ambitious expansion plans, and an enduring commitment to bringing accessible healthcare right to your doorstep.

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