UAE Aims for AED450 Billion Tourism Boost with New Winter Campaign

UAE Aims for AED450 Billion Tourism Boost with New Winter Campaign

By Staff Writer, 11 January 2024

Dubai's eminent leader, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, inaugurated the UAE's winter campaign on Tuesday (9/1), aligning with a governmental blueprint to amplify the tourism sector's GDP contribution by several billion dirhams.

Dubbed as the “World’s Coolest Winter,” this year's installment of the UAE's hallmark tourism initiative is set to be its most expansive yet.

The campaign boasts an eclectic array of programs, encompassing recreational, cultural, environmental, sports, and leisure events to enthrall visitors.

In an official statement, Sheikh Mohammed articulated, “Today marks the launch of a new season of the UAE’s annual tourism campaign, ‘World’s Coolest Winter’. Our country is becoming a favoured destination, thanks to its enchanting natural beauty, architectural marvels, rich cultural heritage, and, most importantly, its warm and welcoming people”

Highlighting the UAE's burgeoning tourism trajectory, Sheikh Mohammed pointed out the surging influx of tourists.

He affirmed ambitions to elevate the sector's economic contribution to a staggering AED450 billion ($122.5 billion) within a decade.

On X (previously Twitter), he emphasized, “The national tourism sector is growing annually. Our goal is to reach AED450 billion as a contribution to the gross domestic product by 2031”

Recent statistics underscore the nation's thriving tourism momentum.

The preceding campaign edition witnessed a commendable 8% surge in tourist arrivals, culminating at 1.4 million.

Further buttressing this growth narrative, data spanning January to September 2023 revealed hotels nationwide amassing revenues of AED32.2 billion, marking a robust 27% upswing from 2022's corresponding timeframe.

Concurrently, hotel guest figures ascended by 12%, aggregating to 20.2 million visitors.

Notably, the hotel occupancy metric experienced a 6% elevation, settling at an impressive 75%.

Cleofe Maceda / Zawya

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