UAE to Become the First AI Nation in the World

UAE to Become the First AI Nation in the World

By Staff Writer, 14 September 2023

Mark AB Capital, a prominent investment firm, and Blaize, an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology company, have united their efforts to launch the UAE as the world's pioneering AI-driven nation.

This aligns perfectly with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE, who aspires to steer the nation toward full AI integration. This collaboration is poised to usher in a new era of technological innovation and sustainable development within the UAE.

The partnership between Mark AB Capital and Blaize will primarily harness Blaize's cutting-edge edge AI technology, boasting an impressive portfolio of 47 innovative patents that underlie its groundbreaking solutions.

Adding to Blaize's strength is its strategic support, as it has gained endorsement from industry leaders and forward-thinking investors such as Franklin Templeton, Toyota, Temasek, Daimler, and Samsung, all of whom recognize the company's potential to shape the future of AI and edge computing.

The objective of this initiative is to elevate various sectors such as healthcare, transportation, education, finance, and more, by harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

The primary goals of this groundbreaking partnership encompass:

• Advancing AI Infrastructure: Mark AB Capital and Blaize will collaborate to construct the essential AI infrastructure necessary for the creation and deployment of AI solutions throughout the UAE. This infrastructure will serve as the bedrock for the nation's AI capabilities.

• Research and Innovation: The partnership will invest in cutting-edge research and development efforts in the field of AI to foster innovation in AI technologies, ensuring that the UAE maintains its leadership in AI advancements.

• Cultivating AI Talent: Mark AB Capital and Blaize are dedicated to nurturing local AI talent through educational programs and initiatives, thereby cultivating a skilled workforce capable of driving the growth of the nation's AI endeavors.

• AI Governance and Ethical Standards: The collaboration will also give priority to establishing robust frameworks for AI governance and ethics, ensuring the responsible and ethical utilization of AI technologies throughout the nation.

Mark AB Capital's CEO, Abdullah Mohamed Al Qubaisi, has highlighted the significance of their partnership with Blaize, emphasizing the UAE's dedication to embracing AI. They aim to transform the UAE into a global AI hub.

Blaize's CEO, Dinakar Munagala, shares this vision, envisioning AI-driven advancements across sectors like healthcare and education, aiming to establish the UAE as the world's first AI nation and a leader in AI innovation.

Source: Zawya

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