This Year, AstroLabs Will be a "Community Partner" for LBS MENA Startup Competition 2023

This Year, AstroLabs Will be a "Community Partner" for LBS MENA Startup Competition 2023

By Staff Writer, 03 September 2023

AstroLabs, a prominent presence in the entrepreneurial landscape of Dubai, has thrown its support behind the London Business School's MENA Startup Competition this year. They have graciously offered their AstroLabs Campus in Dubai, UAE, as the venue for this exciting event. Beyond this, AstroLabs is forging a more extensive, enduring partnership to bolster the efforts of LBS in nurturing, instructing, and fostering the burgeoning entrepreneurial community in the region.

The competition, which aspires to achieve renown as one of MENA's premier startup contests, is dedicated to bridging the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and venture capitalists as well as investors throughout the region. In its inaugural edition in 2022, the LBS MENA Startup Competition garnered significant attention, drawing a pool of highly talented participants. Ollang, a prominent tech startup, clinched the title and emerged as the victor of this fiercely contested competition.

AstroLabs, a prominent ecosystem builder in the MENA region since 2013, has been a trusted partner in addressing innovation challenges, fostering self-sustaining ecosystems, and expediting the growth of the digital economy. Their focus has been on executing impactful large-scale initiatives that facilitate the expansion of regional and global businesses into the MENA market.

Dedicated to nurturing competitive local markets, AstroLabs is committed to elevating local enterprises to meet global standards while also creating an environment where international companies can thrive in local contexts. Recognizing the increasing significance of location-based services (LBS) in the region, AstroLabs places great importance on the MENA Startup Competition.

Ramzi Qannati, in collaboration with Ihab Tabbara, Co-Presidents of the London Business School Entrepreneurship Club, assumes the roles of management and mentorship for this year's event. They are actively engaged in guiding a talented cohort of LBS students hailing from various parts of the world.

Mr Qannati, himself an LBS alumnus (EMBA 2019), said it is rewarding to learn that London Business School, through its work undertaken at the School’s Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital (IEPC), has become so very well known for its international leadership and educative role in inspiring entrepreneurs and private capital investors.

“Collaborative partnerships play a pivotal role in fostering successful entrepreneurship ecosystems. The presence of aligned partners who not only embrace our vision of generating value for both founders and investors but also bolster our endeavors, magnifies our capacity to drive concrete outcomes. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to welcome AstroLabs as our Community Partner for this year's LBS MENA Startup Competition. By empowering the broader business ecosystem with essential tools, expertise, and profound insights necessary for catalyzing growth, we hold a strong belief that AstroLabs will significantly enrich this journey as a valuable contributor,” says Mr Qannati.

Roland Daher, CEO of AstroLabs and an LBS alumnus (EMBA 2010), said, ”We've been actively supporting this ecosystem for a solid decade now, and there's a noticeable rise in the competitive capacity of regional startups and SMEs on the global level. Partnering with the LBS MENA Startup Competition is another way for us to continue honoring our commitment to enabling the entrepreneurial landscape."

Daher added, "This year's competition is particularly interesting for us. Aligned with the business school's broader objectives, we're excited to be part of this initiative and support building a stronger connection between LBS and the wider entrepreneurial community. Our partnership aims to facilitate the integration of a new generation of ambitious entrepreneurs into our regional framework and provide a boost to their scaling strategies."

Included in this year's competition package by AstroLabs will also be mentorship opportunities for the finalists and a valuable support platform for the winner. The support for this year's winner will include discounted membership of AstroLabs itself.

Commenting on the partnership with AstroLabs, Mr. Qannati expressed his belief in the capabilities of young entrepreneurs in the MENA region who are contributing to the region's growing business sector. He emphasized that the collaboration between AstroLabs and the new LBS startup competition represents not just a connection but the growth and flourishing of an entire ecosystem.

Source:  Zawya

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