TerraPay Unveils Digital Financial Evolution and Impact for MENA

TerraPay Unveils Digital Financial Evolution and Impact for MENA

By Staff Writer, 07 May 2024

Bassem Awada, TerraPay's Regional Director for MENA

During the Dubai Fintech Summit, a pivotal event for the digital financial services sector, TerraPay, a global leader in digital payments, showcased its latest strides in advancing financial inclusion.

Bassem Awada, the Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, discussed TerraPay's evolution and its pivotal role in transforming remittances and financial services across the region with EntArabi.

Established in 2015, TerraPay has witnessed substantial growth since 2020, now spanning 145 countries worldwide.

With its robust network, TerraPay facilitates seamless transactions between individuals and businesses, underpinned by proprietary technology tailored to meet diverse customer needs.

Awada underscored the company's commitment to fostering SME growth, emphasizing TerraPay's agility in addressing their specific requirements.

He highlighted how TerraPay outperforms traditional banking services by offering competitive pricing and customized solutions, thereby empowering SMEs with advanced financial services crucial for their expansion.

Central to TerraPay's strategy is the integration of cutting-edge technology with banking and financial institutions, enabling compatibility with various digital payment systems.

This synergy enhances accessibility and efficiency, positioning TerraPay as a preferred partner for businesses seeking scalable and adaptable payment solutions.

With a focus on innovation and inclusivity, TerraPay continues to drive financial transformation in the MENA region, bridging gaps and empowering businesses and individuals alike with seamless digital payment experiences.

Source: EntArabi

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