Talentinthecloud Has Been Rebranded as titc.io to Reflect a Wider Range of Services

Talentinthecloud Has Been Rebranded as titc.io to Reflect a Wider Range of Services

By Staff Writer, 13 October 2023

South African startup Talentinthecloud has rebranded to titc.io, showcasing its evolution from a fintech jobs platform to a full-service agency.

Founded in 2016, the company initially focused on connecting fintech firms with talent, but over the years, it has expanded its services to encompass talent, marketing, media, and events within the fintech sector.

The rebranding reflects its shift towards providing a comprehensive range of services to aid fintech companies in navigating the complexities of the African market, marking a significant milestone in the company's journey, according to founder and CEO Darren Franks.

“The journey fostered a lingering aspiration within me, a desire to extend our collaborative  horizons with fintechs beyond just talent acquisition, empowering them to scale, thrive, and attain remarkable milestones. As the business dives into its biggest change yet, this shift might not hit home for everyone; but for the team behind titc.io, its shareholders, and their clients, it’s a bold step into an exciting future for their business. Their solid dedication and the deep relationships that they’ve built in the sector have allowed them to create a truly unique offering.”

The startup initially secured private funding through early rounds, later sustaining its expansion through profits, as reported by Disrupt Africa.

Franks noted the growth of their client base and positive reception of new service lines, emphasizing strategic marketing and personal branding services.

The primary focus remains on the African market, particularly in South Africa, aligning with their expertise and commitment to the continent.

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