Saudi EdTech Pioneer 'Tahdir' Raises $307,000 in Pre-Seed Round

Saudi EdTech Pioneer 'Tahdir' Raises $307,000 in Pre-Seed Round

By Staff Writer, 11 June 2024

Saudi Arabia's leading educational technology company, Tahdir, has successfully closed its first pre-seed funding round, raising 1.15 million Saudi Riyals (US$ 307,000) from a group of angel investors.

Founded in Al-Ahsa by Mohammed Al-Doukhi and Khalil Al-Haid, Tahdir aims to revolutionize the educational landscape by enhancing the connection between schools and homes. The platform automates daily school management processes, significantly improving the educational experience. Currently, Tahdir is utilized by 92 schools, with public institutions comprising 79% of its users, and boasts a user base of over 30,000.

Tahdir is set to expand its operations beyond Al-Ahsa to other regions in the Kingdom, promoting the widespread adoption of digital education. Co-founder and CEO Mohammed Al-Doukhi remarked, “This investment round marks a significant milestone for Tahdir. We are honored to collaborate with our investors and proud of our team’s dedication to advancing educational experiences for current and future generations.”

The new funding will bolster Tahdir's operational capabilities, support the growth of its development team, and enhance research and innovation in educational technology. Additionally, the company plans to forge strategic partnerships to further its goals of expansion and innovation.

With fresh investments, Tahdir aims to solidify its leadership in Saudi Arabia’s educational technology sector. By continually improving its platform, the company strives to deliver cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of schools and users, ultimately enriching the digital education experience for future generations.

Source: EntArabi


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