Syarah Expands Operations with the Largest Car Refurbishing and Servicing Center in MENA

Syarah Expands Operations with the Largest Car Refurbishing and Servicing Center in MENA

By Press Release, 09 October 2023

Syarah, the leading online car e-commerce platform in Saudi Arabia, announced the grand opening of its car refurbishing and servicing center, to meet the huge and growing demand in the market.

The center, which is 5 times larger than its previous one, is the largest in the Middle East, and boasts a sprawling surface area of 55,000 square meters encompassing all of its facilities.

This expansion marks a significant milestone for the company, solidifying the position of Syarah as the leader in the automotive e-commerce industry.

The new car refurbishing and servicing center is a testament to Syarah's commitment to serving the increasing demand, amongst digital transformation of the Saudi market.

This milestone follows Syarah's recent successful Series B funding round, where the company secured a remarkable $20 million investment.

This substantial capital infusion further strengthened Syarah's position as a key player in the online car marketplace and fueled the realization of its ambitious growth goals.

Fayez Alanazi, co-founder and CMO of Syarah, expressed his excitement about this achievement, stating, "It is only a small step, and more milestones will be achieved in no time. This new center will enable us to expedite our services and offer an unparalleled used cars e-commerce shopping experience, which furthers our aspiration for nothing but excellence.”

"Syarah has come a long way since its inception, and this remarkable milestone marks a significant turning point in our journey.” Salah Sharef, co-founder and CEO of Syarah, commented, "With this new center, we are well-positioned to serve a significant portion of the Saudi market. Our goal is to be the go-to app for used cars in MENA."

Syarah's unique value proposition, including a comprehensive one-year guarantee and a flexible 10-day return policy, continues to resonate with customers.

With the introduction of this expansive center and the surge in demand, Syarah is poised to redefine the car buying experience across Saudi Arabia and beyond.


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