South African Startup JOBJACK Raises $2.5 Million in Pre-Series A Funding

South African Startup JOBJACK Raises $2.5 Million in Pre-Series A Funding

By Staff Writer, 08 November 2023

A South African recruitment startup, JOBJACK, raises $2.5 million (ZAR45 million) in pre-Series A funding, with the aim of revolutionizing entry-level recruitment in the country.

The company, founded in 2018 by Christiaan van den Berg and Heine Bellingan, has developed an online platform that assists job seekers in their quest for entry-level job opportunities.

One of the key features of the JOBJACK platform is its user-friendly CV creation process, making it easier for applicants to create their resumes.

Moreover, it allows candidates to apply for jobs directly from their mobile phones, with the added advantage of being data-free for users on the MTN and Vodacom networks.

The platform has rapidly gained popularity, with nearly two million job seekers having registered on it to date. Impressively, this number continues to grow by approximately 2,000 new registrations each day.

The ZAR45 million secured in this funding round will play a vital role in JOBJACK's expansion plans, further development of its network within South Africa, and its mission to connect job seekers with life-changing employment opportunities.

The funding round was led by NEXT176, with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation also participating, both organizations deeply committed to supporting innovative solutions for job seekers.

JOBJACK Raises $2.5 Million: Revolutionizing South Africa's Job Market

Christiaan van den Berg, co-founder and co-CEO of JOBJACK, expressed his excitement, stating, "These funds enable us to maintain our momentum in onboarding employers and, more importantly, streamlining the entry-level recruitment process, making it more accessible and affordable for job seekers who need it the most."

Ona Meyer, program manager for youth employment at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, highlighted the foundation's mission, saying, "This partnership will allow JOBJACK to scale its current response plan, making the recruitment process more efficient and increasing access and affordability for job seekers. We are encouraged by the growth trajectory of JOBJACK's business model, which aims to serve those looking to enter the entry-level job market."

The impact-focused investors, including the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, are poised to significantly contribute to JOBJACK's mission of transforming the entry-level job market in South Africa.

Tramayne Monaghan, chief ventures officer at NEXT176, emphasized the organization's commitment to supporting transformative businesses, stating, "Our mission is to build and invest in disruptive businesses that are not only sustainable but also have the power to change lives. JOBJACK's innovative approach to redefining entry-level recruitment in South Africa aligns perfectly with this vision. By addressing jobseekers' challenges, we believe in the ripple effect of JOBJACK - how changing one life can set in motion a chain reaction of positive change, resulting in a brighter, more inclusive future for South Africans."

Charles Rapulu Udoh / Afrikan Heroes

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