Soon You Can Send Google's AI Bot to a Meeting on Your Behalf

Soon You Can Send Google's AI Bot to a Meeting on Your Behalf

By Staff Writer, 16 September 2023

Google has introduced a new feature for its Google Meet video service, utilizing Generative AI, which enables users to send a bot to represent them in meetings.

This bot displays a written message during the meeting, appearing next to the user's avatar in the "people" tab.

Post-meeting, the user receives AI-generated meeting notes and action items.

This feature is a component of Google's Duet AI software, part of the Google Workspace productivity suite, offering collaborative AI tools.

However, it's important to note that the feature is limited and cannot speak on the user's behalf or share real-time information.

“We're still relying on humans, and we see this as really an assistive technology to help people collaborate,” Kristina Behr, vice president of products for Google Workspace, said during a briefing with reporters. “So, if eight bots show up to a meeting, it's just going to be note-taking on not a lot.”

During Google Cloud Next, the annual cloud conference in San Francisco, Google announced a range of generative AI tools and partnerships.

These unveilings included a collaboration with Six Flags theme parks to develop an app using Google's AI that helps users locate the shortest lines for rides or dining.

Additionally, an updated version of Google's Codey, an AI model for code generation, was introduced, featuring enhanced performance and support for more coding languages.

This event aligns with the growing influence of generative AI in the tech industry, showcasing its potential to revolutionize office work.

Recent studies, like one from MIT, have demonstrated how AI models like ChatGPT can significantly improve the quality and productivity of routine business communications.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, estimates that around 80 percent of jobs can integrate generative AI capabilities into their workflows.

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McKinsey predicts that this technology's impact on productivity could contribute between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion in value annually to the global economy.

Source: Richard Nieva, Forbes

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