Engineer Pioneers Smart Wristband for Child Healthcare Revolution

Engineer Pioneers Smart Wristband for Child Healthcare Revolution

By Staff Writer, 25 June 2024

On the occasion of International Day of Women in Engineering, Dr. Rula Sharqi, an engineer from Heriot-Watt University, is set to revolutionize child healthcare with her innovative smart wristband. Teaming up with senior engineering student Nakhul Kalivanan, their "Little Guard" project represents a breakthrough in child monitoring technology globally.

The wristband, meticulously developed over the past year, aims to continuously track vital signs of children and promptly alert parents or emergency services in critical situations. This initiative was born out of Dr. Sharqi's personal experience caring for her son, Youssef, during a fever episode in 2018, which inspired her to create a device capable of real-time monitoring and alerting.

Designed to be worn comfortably on a child's wrist, the device utilizes advanced sensors to ensure accurate readings without false alarms. It operates wirelessly with a rechargeable battery lasting up to six months, sending alerts via a dedicated app to parents and healthcare providers when vital signs indicate a potential health risk.

Dr. Sharqi expressed confidence in the potential life-saving impact of their invention, stressing the importance of addressing uncontrolled fevers which contribute significantly to infant mortality rates. She and Nakhul Kalivanan are now seeking industry partnerships to bring their innovation to market and maximize its reach.

"We believe in the potential of this product to save lives," Dr. Sharqi affirmed. "Uncontrolled fevers are a major cause of infant mortality, making it crucial to provide a solution for monitoring children’s body temperature. We are ready to collaborate with an experienced and passionate company to achieve this goal."

The duo's next step involves presenting their successful prototype to potential industrial partners, aiming to accelerate the bracelet's availability to families worldwide. Their dedication and innovation highlight the profound impact engineers can have on society through inventive solutions to pressing healthcare challenges.

Source: إنت عربي / EntArabi

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