Sheikh Hamdan Launches Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate AI adoption in Government

Sheikh Hamdan Launches Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate AI adoption in Government

By Staff Writer, 09 June 2023

Dubai, UAE — His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council and the Board of Trustees of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), has announced the launch of the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DCAI) at Emirates Towers, AREA 2071. The primary objective of the center is to support government entities in deploying future technologies across key

According to WAM, the DCAI aims to train 1,000 government employees from over 30 entities on the applications of generative artificial intelligence. It also plans to launch multiple pilot projects, improve government services, increase employee productivity, and provide support to more than 20 local and global advanced technology startups.

“We are confident that developing AI applications will contribute significantly to actualising Dubai's vision for the future. The technological leaps we see today will only be the beginning of our journey towards an entirely new and different future, with transformative changes in health, education, economy, media and government sectors,” stated H.H. Sheikh Hamdan.

The implementation of the DCAI will be overseen by the Dubai Future Foundation, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Media Council, and Dubai Digital Authority, with a specific focus on developing legislation related to AI applications, attracting top global technological solutions, and nurturing national talent.

The establishment of the DCAI aligns with the directives of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to apply the latest AI technologies across various sectors. The generative AI sector is expected to experience significant growth, reaching $110.8 billion by 2030, with generative AI predicted to account for 10% of all data produced by 2025.

In the healthcare field, it is projected that more than 30% of new drugs and materials will be systematically discovered through generative AI techniques within the next two years.

The Dubai Centre for AI will enhance government performance through various means, such as conducting simulations to analyze policy and legislative changes, predicting outcomes of different scenarios, evaluating program effectiveness, and supporting complex decision-making. It will also predict user needs and preferences, streamline public services, and utilize data analysis tools to inform decision-making processes and deliver tailored government services to Dubai residents.

The launch event was attended by Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Media Council. 


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