Seez Embarks on Europe Expansion Following Successful Bridge Funding Round

Seez Embarks on Europe Expansion Following Successful Bridge Funding Round

By Staff Writer, 19 December 2023

After successfully closing a bridge funding round, Dubai-based tech startup Seez is set to pursue an ambitious growth strategy.

Having established a solid customer base for its AI-driven products in markets such as Denmark, Italy, and across the Middle East, the startup is now gearing up for expansion into multiple new markets in Europe.

Originally known for its consumer-facing car sales marketplace, Seez has leveraged its experience and expertise to introduce robust digital retail solutions tailored for car dealers, importers, and manufacturers' sales operations.

The recent injection of funds will also support the ongoing development of an expanding array of advanced AI-powered solutions.

The latest bridge round allowed Seez to pivot from its initial focus on an online vehicle marketplace to crafting digital solutions that empower automotive retailers to capitalize on evolving trends in car buyer behavior.

Seez's modular Software as a Service (SaaS) platform aids national sales companies, dealers, and importers of car manufacturers in more effectively listing, marketing, and selling their vehicles.

This platform facilitates an 'omnichannel' purchase process for car buyers, employing AI-driven technology to swiftly and effectively guide them through their car buying journey.

This results in an enhanced customer experience and increased conversion rates for both online and offline sales.

To provide a seamless user experience, Seez collaborates with established finance and insurance providers, streamlining both the back-end process for retailers and the car buying process for customers.

Seez offers a diverse portfolio of modules, including:

  • SeezClick: A digital buying tool that allows customers to explore a dealer's inventory and purchase cars through a single, user-friendly platform. AI technology delivers a guided user experience, presenting cars based on user preferences and search patterns, with integrated access to finance and insurance products.

  • SeezPad: An advanced CRM and inventory management platform enabling dealers to track orders, manage leads, schedule test drives, and complete vehicle trade-ins and valuations.

  • SeezNitro: Back-end AI and Machine Learning technology that assists sales teams in optimizing inventory, enhancing customer engagement, and automating processes such as setting pricing based on market factors and predicting trade-in values.

  • Seezar: A ChatGPT interface utilizing advanced AI to offer customers a conversational experience, provide expert advice, and answer complex queries.

  • SeezBoost: An AI-powered platform helping retailers drive marketing efforts by generating dynamic online adverts, providing personalized recommendations to consumers, and offering advanced analytics for assessing campaign performance.

Seez, led by founder and CEO Tarek Kabrit, emphasizes that the additional funding received from investors underscores their long-term commitment to the company. Kabrit notes that the automotive retail landscape is evolving rapidly, and Seez's AI-led solutions are geared toward enabling dealers and customers to thrive in a cohesive digital marketplace. Having previously raised over US$14.2 million in investments, Seez is recognized as one of the top 50 startups emerging from the GCC region.

For more details about Seez and its suite of automotive solutions, visit

Source: My Startup World

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